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Mouth Guards

Established in 2000, Grace Lim Dental has the expertise to design mouth protectors that will safeguard your teeth from injury or grinding.

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Using Mouth Guards for Sports

Mouth guards are flexible teeth coverings that should be worn by anyone involved in contact sports. Any forceful or unexpected impact can pose a great threat to your health as it can easily lead to broken teeth, a fractured jaw or cerebral haemorrhage.

At Grace Lim Dental, we individually design custom-fitted mouth protectors that are durable and comfortable. We also specialise in custom dentures and implants. 

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Mouth Guard Surrey Hills

Protect your teeth from damage with our mouth guards

Mouth Guard Surrey Hills

Why Choose Custom-Fitted Mouth Guards?

Mouth guards generally come in different forms, the most common being: 

  • Non-mouldable
  • Boil and bite
  • Custom-fitted 

Although the first two types are cheaper and more readily-available, they do not provide enough protection for your teeth. On the other hand, the mouth protectors at Grace Lim Dental are custom-made by expert dental technicians and offer maximum comfort and protection.

We offer durable and well-fitted mouth guards

Caring for Mouth Guards:

  • Soak in mouthwash before and after use
  • Use soap and cold water for cleaning
  • Store in a cool, dry place 

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