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Crowns and Bridges

Located in Surrey Hills and founded in 2000, Grace Lim Dental offers preventive and restorative care.

If you have significantly damaged or missing teeth, we can help you.


At Grace Lim Dental, we offer dental crowns for patients with significantly damaged teeth that won't benefit from a standard filling.

A crown is a permanent fixture that is placed over the tooth and held in place by dental cement to protect it from further deterioration or potential extraction. We suggest this long-term solution to relieve sensitivity and to restore the structure and strength of a damaged, cracked or broken tooth.

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Dental Clinic Surrey Hills

Prevention is better than a cure

Dental Clinic Surrey Hills


A missing tooth can have a tremendous impact on your confidence and everyday activities. At Grace Lim Dental, we provide dental bridges for patients who want to fill in the gap.

Supported by surrounding teeth, a dental bridge is used to replace one or more missing teeth and is expertly designed to fit seamlessly with your other teeth, making it an inconspicuous solution to a previously visible problem. 

We will assess the area to determine whether further work must be done to accommodate the bridge, such as removing parts of the surrounding teeth to make sure the bridge is solid and durable.

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  • Having a multilingual team 

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